• To build Yemeni IT leaders that are well-recognized in the Canadian market.

  • Gather Yemeni IT professionals in Canada under one umbrella and be the largest IT association of Yemeni professionals in Canada
  • Ease knowledge transfer between members of the association in all IT related matters such as job referrals, skills enhancements, workshops and others
  • Utilize the different talents of Yemeni IT professionals in Canada to penetrate the Canadian IT sector
  • Build supportive platforms to help Yemeni IT professionals start their own business in the Canadian IT sector
  • To build large successful companies in the IT sector in Canada led by Yemeni professionals
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Enrich our Community
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Industry Liaison
  • Transparency & Credibility

Eng. Ahmed AL Ammari

President of YITC

Dr. Wail Ba alawi

Vice President of YITC

Eng. Majed Baabdullah

Head of Technical Committee


Head of Services Committee


Head of Media Committee