How can I get my IT credentials recognized in Canada?

We recommend that you go over this Canada government website that describes the process in detail for various jobs. It also mentions the process if your credentials do not need to be assessed by a regulatory body.


Can you review my resume and help me change it to fit the Canadian market?

Yes, of course! Please refer to our services page or contact us at services@yitc.ca and we will be happy to help you. Our IT experts hold various positions in the Canadian IT market.

How can I find more about the different IT certifications that could help enhance my career?

We suggest that you have a look at our IT certification page for an overview of the important certificates across different IT domains. We also suggest you watch our IT workshops videos where our experts introduced many IT related topics across domains and answered related questions.

I am an IT professional and new to the country, how can I find my fit?

Welcome to Canada! We suggest you use our website to go through what you need to know about the Canadian IT market. Also, please join us in one of our regular events to network with our experts who can guide you based on their experiences.

Are your services only for Yemenis?

No, our services are for anyone in Canada. Our focus on IT professionals from Yemeni origin is more cultural as we recognized the opportunity that Canada gave us and wanted to repay that with our skills and be an added value in this great country.

Do you have regular meetings?

Yes, and we would love to see you there! Please refer to our event calendar for upcoming events.

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