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1- Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA):

Whoever holds this certificate is considered an accredited person in the management of communication systems and networks, and this certificate helps its holder to work in more than five different jobs. After completing the curriculum, you will know how to differentiate between the operating system and how to set up servers :


2- Red Hat Certified System Administrator:

If you want to open doors for many jobs, you should study this approach, which is the Linux system, and it is considered one of the most used systems in running servers due to the strength and flexibility of the system and you will learn everything related to this system.


3- Cisco Certified Network Associate:

Cisco is the largest company specializing in the production of networking tools and systems around the world and you will learn how to set up networks from scratch and everything related to us network infrastructure and of course there are three levels the student will go through and this is the first level.


4- Amazon Web Services:

The learner gets a complete, comprehensive approach to web services and how to use them. Amazon provides a lot of technical services that rely on the cloud.


5- Certified Ethical Hacker:

This certificate is especially for information security breaches, as it is one of the strongest certificates in this field


6- Certified Information System Security Professional:

It is seen that the certificate is easy. You should have this certificate, so it is considered one of the strongest and most professional. As it is required to obtain it, the exams are passed with a success rate of more than 75%.


7- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert:

The holder of this certificate is considered a professional person in the us and maintenance of networks and communication systems, and with the approval of Microsoft Corporation


8- Adobe Certified Expert:

If you are a fan of design, then surely you have to get this certificate and you will become a professional designer from Adobe and you will learn the basics of design and are ready for beginners


9- Developing android Apps :

If you have experience in the field of smart phones, this curriculum will enable you to enhance this experience and will obtain a certificate from Google.


10- Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Microsoft offers you through its service a set of completely free courses that you can take advantage of (yes free)


11- Harvard University Computer Science:

You will study the basics of programming for more than one programming language and you can get it for free online


12- W3Schools:

It offers you a special and internationally recognized certificate in a range of fields and languages